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So me and my boyfriend have been dating for 6 months.
He told me he loved me probably 3 months ago by picking a sunflower and saying "She loves me, she loves me not..." etc.
He ended on she loves me and said "phew I'm so glad you said it first, I love you too baby!" and gave me the petal.
So anyways, I kept the flower petal that he last pulled and I'm trying to figure out a cute way
to give it to him. He has no idea I still have it. I was thinking probably
with a gift or maybe in a picture frame with me and him in it. But I'm not sure! Help!

You were the reason I bled every night.
You were the reason I stopped.
and now, you are the reason I'm continuing.
You're not here to stop me anymore.


"When I was younger I was a dreamer, a believer. I was, in my mind, a princess.
Never ever would I be heart broken. but I got older, and I got wiser.
As my heart got broken, my dreams began to fade.
Then I met your Grandfather
and I was a princess, yet again."
- Grandma Nancy

I will forever remember those words.
Rest in peace grandma.
We love and miss you, terribly.

I deleted all the locked messages;
All our pictures on Facebook;
Deleted his contact;
erased his pictures from my phone;
and gave his hoodies away.
because I'm not going to let myself go back to him again. 



He walks me to class; every period of the day.
He messes around with my little brother.
Every morning I can count on a "Goodmorning Beautiful" Text.
My family adores him.
We are inseparable.
He is the sweetest guy I know.
and more importantly; the love of my life.
3.9.10 ♥

happy one year (:

Oh; and no worries
If karma doesn
't hit you...
             -I will.

*That girl, with all of the sad quotes,
looking for favorites or a top quote.
No, Witty is her escape.
It's a way she can relate.. and more importantly,
 be heard.


Dear Girls of Witty,
this "kissing test" is really starting to get on my nerves. It doesn't prove anything, you can breath AND kiss at the same time anyway...
So please, break the chain.


I know there's no such thing as perfection...
But baby
, we're pretty damn close