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a_baby321's Favorite Quotes

I don't want the world to see me,

because I don't think that they'd understand.

fave this and ill write the name of your future husband on your profile cause im that phsycic 

No-one is
 scared of heights,

t h e y "r e   a  f  r  a  i  d   t  o   f  a  l  l 
No-one is scared to play,
they're afraid to lose 

No-one is scared of the dark,
they're afraid of whats in it. 

No-one is scared to say, "I love you",

they're afraid of the response 

Please, ladies. Put it down.
I beg of you, put down the razor. Don't go near those wrists of yours.
Burn those fashion magazines. Those models are photo shopped.
Scarf down that bowl of ice cream. And do not throw it up later.
Pick up your phone; dial his number. Tell him you love him.

Love yourself for who you are.
[ The man of your dreams will love you,
not the stick thin supermodel you pretend to be ]



I was sitting in the park,
wondering why frisbees got bigger as they got closer.
  then it hit me. 



|||||| ' YOU SHOULD'VE COME WITH US ' ||||||

well, inviting me would've helped..

format by beautyinabox.

counting people in class

to see which paragraph you have to read out loud.


for a very short period of

time, you were the

youngest person in the


mind = blown.


Nice tan,
What's your race? Carrot?

I'm Jealous Of My Parents
I'll never have a kid as cool as theirs.

. ......