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hi im hannah. can you stop pooping on my carpet? im getting sick of it.

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Quotes by a_coolio_cat

I  don't  procrastinate,
I just like to do things later.

well I'd  like to help,

{ but not as much } //////
as I'd like 

not to 


     I'm sorrthat
                You  suck ]   at  everything. 

Hey, I'm trying to watch tv, so maybe you should shutup.


We beg you, please don't park here. 
Not even for one second to "just run across the street"

In addition to being towed and/or booted,
You will be cursed and misery will acompany you for the rest of your days. 
You will constantly trip over things that are not there; The IRS will audit you; 
Your dog will run away at the sight of you; and; Mysterious clowns will always seem to be watching you. 
PLEASE, do not park here.

can you like.
                                          shutup? ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Wouldn't it be awesome if...

Internet burned calories?