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Hey there :)

nickname: Sunny (my guy friends call me Jun, if that sounds better to you :P)
age: 12
location: Indonesia
am I boring? not really.
then why did I make my introduction boring? I don't know another way to introduce myself.
then should I make it more interesting next time? I probably should.

status: in a pretend relationship with Cho Kyuhyun


Yeah, that's me. Get to know me more :D ahaha. I don't bite. Unless you're sweet. (Okay that sounded creepy.)
Am I weird? No. I'm just different from everyone else. It's easier to find me that way. :)
Games, drums, piano, iPod, Tumblr, KPop. yeah, my life. BD I'm not girlie. even though I sometimes have my spazzing moments
So yeah, if you're weird, I think there's a bigger chance we'll be friends. ;) Leave me a random comment, follow me, fave my quotes, anything to make me smile will make me love you more. :)
I'm a hardcore ELF (EverLasting Friend) of Super Junior, by the way. If you still don't know who they are, then you're missing the greatest music ever. And there's this reaaaaally long list of artists waiting to be typed here but seriously, I'm a lazy ass person. So let me just tell you, I love Kpop. And if you have a problem with it, well, I probably shouldn't care. :P What do I do when I feel like there's nothing for me to do when there are actually so many productive activities I can do but I just don't want to get out of my room? What do I do in my leisure time? I play musical instruments. My favourite is the piano. :) *sighs dreamily* (Woops.) I also cook, write stories, read, and PLAY SOCCER. BD I love my iPod, don't you love yours too? Someday my iPod should be my groom. I even named my iPod! His name is Ho Ryung. :D My iPod is the most loyal guy to me so far. (Ooooh, come to think of it, that sentence should make a pretty good quote)
I also love my laptop because it provides my daily dose of games I need. That's why I named my laptop too. His name is Jin Hyuk. :D Jin Hyuk thinks he would be a better groom than Ho Ryung but I'm still kinda debating on who would be better. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.
 Omg are you still with me? *sob* You're too nice ;w; And here comes the personal part so you can skip this if you want. Most important people in my life:
- My older brother. That's him in my picture! He's my number one best friend and he's such a fun person. I love Kpop as much as my brother hates it, so we end up bickering all the time about it. X] He's so funny and he cheers me up all the time. I love my brother so so much.
But he's in university now, so it's kinda lonely here. :(
- My BFFs, Felicia and Vina. HAHAHA. Can't imagine life without those two. Felicia is witty while Vina is the crazy one who always laughs her head off. xD They always make school fuuun. ♥
- My 'older sisters', Noor, Sara, and Zie. They're not my maternal sisters, but I can always talk to them because they don't judge. They act like real sisters to me. ♥
- My guy friends, Kenny, Alex, and Amey. Kenny is a crazy freak who easily gets hyper. xD Alex is was the one to help him calm down (Alex transferred to another school). Amey is a great guy who unfortunately doesn't go to my school. He's really friendly and he's like a big brother to me.
- My half-brothers, Vicen and Viros, and my half-sisters-in-law (lol wteff), Dewi (who's Vicen's wife) and Owi (who's Viros's wife). They're SOOOO CRAZY, just like me. My half-brothers, half-sisters-in-law, older brother, and I like to meet up as much as we can and whenever that happens, the whole house just turns upside down. It turns so loud because of us joking around and laughing together. ♥
- MY PARENTS. I love my parents a lot. They can get fussy sometimes but I know it's for the best. After all, they're the ones who raised me. I respect my parents and are grateful to have great parents like them. ♥
- Did I forget you?
♥ Talk to me. Sooner or later you'll be on the list. :)
The End.

Quotes by a_sunny_user

I don't like constantly fearing that my new drum teacher will touch inappropriate parts of my body, corner me, or get on top of me, just like my old drum teacher did.

Oh you, you make my heart beat faster

Oh you, you make my heart sing louder

You know, don't say no more
You're the one that I adore

And you are the one that I give my heart to ~


Am I seriously the only KPop (korean pop) fan here? :(

Blow the candles out,

Looks like a solo tonight

I’m beginning to see the light

Blow the candles out,

Looks like a solo tonight

but I think I'll be alright...


My life is a RAINBOW
because of YOU


Breaking news!

Rebecca Black dies after walking into a football stadium and being overwhelmed with the number of seats to choose from.

I'm single...
I'm in a relationship with my pillow... :)
it's my first witty birthday :)))

I'm 12 now,
may i please get 12 faves?? plzzz? :))) kay thanks
HAHAHA_XD  <<< searching for a potential girlfriend :PPP xD

joking. but seriously, check his profile. he's awesome :)))
Smelling your blood...
..then wondering if the person next to you is smelling it too :/

xD no jocking intended