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Heey(:   The names Alicia. There's not really much to say about me, i dance and I'm on my schools Kickline teaam. I love music and play an instrument.
Some of the bands i like aree :
All Time Low
All American Rejects
Blood on the Dancefloor
Artist vs. Poet
Vampires Everywhere and even though he's not a band I Love Eminem(:
    I'm always opeen to talk or just to listen. I love to read and write.
I am who I am and I don't change for anyone, and if you don't like it well.... I just don't give a fuck.

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heey beautiful(:
fave this and i'll write a paragraph on your wall && i promise i don't lie.
p.s i'm here for any of you if you ever need to talk
ohkaay well i really like this guy && he showed that he was into me he would hold my hand, give me his jacket when im cold && drive to my house to see me after work. one day when we were hanging out we got really close && before he left he kissed me. noww i dont get even one word from him sincee.... idk what to doo 
I'mma Be Under The Mistletoe<3
                 * With You *
heey lookin for new people,
      anyone wanna talk? (;
That awkward moment when I see my ex's little sister at the beach && she tells me he has a new girlfriend.

Me:  Great for him does he want a trophy?

HerNo .... a cookie.

&& that just made my heart break all over again suck a little less

Ok I really like this guy and I'm so confused if he likes me back. he jokes around with me a lot and smiles at me all the time but i can't tell if its just friendly. the conversation we just had went like this
me: hey
him: who is this
me: alicia
him: oh hey
me: whats up?
him: nm hbu oh do you like anyone
me: same jc and yeah why?
him: no answer
me: ?
him: who
me: some guyy ( i wanted to say him)
him:no answer
me: do you like anyone?
him: no answer
i would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some advice. i love you guyss<3

I Can say what you are in many words but I'll use two.. player and TKELE-CHO-G (jackass in Navajo) How does it feel to be dissed in two languages ? (: