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No matter what happens , ill be here for you ♥ ; i loveyou

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I don't care what people say about us being together,
If you really love me, you wouldn't care about them either ;
cause baby, their just j e a l o u s ♥

i don't want this moment to ever end.

Where everything's nothing without you<3



at lunch ; i was sitting with my friends and one of them had an empty energy drink,
and so we played Spin-the-bottle , since i was the only girl outta' 3 guys i was scared.
So of course he spun it & it landed on me,
so he leaned across the table and kissed me, & know we are going out . ♥



Love doesn't change<3 ;

It's the people that do<|3 .

your my perfect nightmare<3

[it breaks your heart]
when people you know ; become people you knew ;
when you walk right past someone as if , they were never a HUGE part of your life.
you used to talk for hours on the phone ,
and know you can't even look at them in the eye.
it completely breaks your heart to know good things changed ;

and there's nothing you can do about it <|3.





that is the only english sentence that if we read it in reverse ;
it'll give the same sentence ♥

and yes ;

after four years i could say i was happy, but then i would be laying to you. and boy, one more thing, i don't like laying and i don't like being lied to. that's why i dumped you and i moved on. you should too, but if you can't, then show me you changed at least.<3


[♥] - if you feel the same way .


I would be Crazy if I said we were perfect .
And sometimes I was wondering if it was worth it .
But know i see, how could you run from me?
And every time I drove by your Apartment ..
I get the overwhelming urge to walk in .
And see your face and to be in that place all over

Keep Forgetting . by : JoJo .


Tell me you love me ; cause i love you too.

Don't wait forever boy to tell me ; cause i won't wait forever on you.

I know you don't wanna lose me ; and i don't wanna lose you either .

favorite if you know what i mean.. sounded better in my head[♥]