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Seeing is deceiving.
Dreaming is believing.
It's okay not to be okay.
The name's Aidine. I live in RI, the smallest state. July 3 '99 is the day you were all blessed. Single & ready to mingle ;) Class of 2013 & to be honest, I can't wait for high school. Music is where my heart lives. I have some of the weirdest, funiest, highest, friends in the world but I love them all to death. I enjoy food & watching movies & my days are typically spent in my room on my laptop. Ryan Guzman is my man <3
Have a question? Ask. I love talking to people and making new friends. I also enjoy giving out advice. (: FOLLOW ME!
What happened to witty?

Quotes by aavparty3790

Before school began, my algebra teacher lost her husband.
Her and her three daughters were devastated.
She decided she wasn't coming back to school, at least
not then. maybe she would one day, but at the moment,
she wasn't. Then, we found out that she had cancer.
she had a brain tumor. Since I go to a catholic school,
we all prayed for her. every single day.
Just recently, we made a banner for her saying that we missed
her. We all signed it and sent it to her with a picture of us and
a card. When they went to go deliver it to her, she was sleeping
but her daughters were there. The first thing they did when
they saw it was cry.
Today, she died. She lost her battle to brain cancer. Notice that she
lost it. She didn't give up. She simply lost it. But I know she tried
hard because she's a fighter.
All I ask is for you guys to pray for her family; her daughters
espcially. I can't imagine how hard it must be to lose both
of your parents in the time span onf a less than 3 months.
Their children will never get to meet their grandparents.
Just know Mrs. G, that you will forever be loved and remembered.

I'm Sorry.
I really am. But I just can't do this anymore.   
I'm leaving witty. You probably won't understand my
reasons, and that's fine. I don't expect you to.
I've been on Witty for about 2 years but it feels
like much longer. I was on the phone with a friend when
she laughed, telling me she saw a funny quote on here.
I checked Witty out and became hooked right away.
I became obsessed with it, putting it before everything else in life.
It was my medicine. My escape from the real, terrible world.
Now, it is a terrible world. There's lots of drama on here and
the website's changed up. I hate it.
But thank you all so much. You guys are like my family and
I'm not sure I would've made it this far in life without you.
Most of you are amazing and very lovely people and
I'm glad I got to know you.
But it's time for me to go. I've met some new
friends to help me along my way.
I'll always remember you though, and maybe
one day, I will come back.
I love you all, never forget that.
And lastly,
Thank you, Steve.


*mom on the phone with aunt*

mom: wow! this could be the start of something new.
me: *thinks of high school musical* this could be the start of something new! it feels so right to be hear with you! Ohhh!
me: *gets a text from cousin*
cousin: were you just singing high school musical?
me: ... maybe.


me: ooo I'm home alone. Time to be a rebel.
me: *sings at top of lungs*
me: *cooks without supervision*
me: *uses bathroom with door open*
mom: Sweetie, I'm home!
me: Man! I was just about to watch a Spongebob episode!


I come up with the dumbest usernames. -_-

 Okay. I haven't been on witty and a while.
I just came back on here to find out that witty's getting a new look,
boys are being shoved off witty, people are fighting over One Direction
and nutella, and people STILL can't vent without being called
an attention seeker.
First off, if it wasn't for a guy, us ladies wouldn't be on here.
So stop shoving guys off. It's not your website.
Guys are entitled to vent and express their opinions. Stop hating and
taking all their jokes so seriously.
Second, One Direction and NUTELLA? You're arguing over food & a group
that you will probably never hang out with. Everyone's entitled to their own
opinion. SO leave it at that and stop arguing like 5 year olds over a damn
pink crayon.
Third, people vent to get stuff off their chest and make them feel better.
Not everyone that vent is an attention seeker. We all complain about
society when we ARE society. So why don't you all stfu and make society better?
Fourth, witty was a place that was my home. The people were amazing,
the quotes were inspiring and I met people like me.
This site felt real. But now it's getting a whole new look
and it's going to feel like the next Facebook. Plus, now
most of the inspiring people on witty have left because of all you.
So why don't we all stop this. What happened to our witty family?
Grow up.
And hate if you want, idc. I'm just expressing my opinion.

 Hey, I'm not going to bother making this quote too pretty or anything but,
does anyone want to be my best friend?
And no I don't mean a witty best friend. I need an actual best friend.
Today, I sort of realized that one reason I'm always so stressed and whatnot is because,
yes, I have friends and best friends, but I want a definite one that I can tell ANYTHING too.
I don't care if you're a guy or a girl. Girls understand more yet guys are less dramatic lol.
In the end, they're all equal. Anyways, please comment on this quote or on my profile if you want to be
and then from there on...... idk lmaoo. Please help! Thanks :]

 I'm a disappointment to you?
Great. I'll add that to the list
of stuff I will never care      
about. Why? Because I'm    
being me and being me is   
probably a thousand times 
better than however you    
wanted me to be.  

 Sometimes, I just need someone
to be there for me like I am
for them. That's all I ask.
Nothing more, nothing less.

 that awkward moment when
your pillow calls you a bad kisser...