Status: F*ck you. I'm done. You never really cared, did you?
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Seeing is deceiving.
Dreaming is believing.
It's okay not to be okay.
The name's Aidine. I live in RI, the smallest state. July 3 '99 is the day you were all blessed. Single & ready to mingle ;) Class of 2013 & to be honest, I can't wait for high school. Music is where my heart lives. I have some of the weirdest, funiest, highest, friends in the world but I love them all to death. I enjoy food & watching movies & my days are typically spent in my room on my laptop. Ryan Guzman is my man <3
Have a question? Ask. I love talking to people and making new friends. I also enjoy giving out advice. (: FOLLOW ME!
What happened to witty?

aavparty3790's Favorite Quotes

Starbucks really isn't that expensive,
When you consider what Victoria's Secret charges per cup..


Things that will bug me forever;
No matter what you do.... like dating her.

Things that will bug me forever;
When my bestfriend has a new boyfriend, she forgets that I'm alive.

A couple boys would be in deep, deep trouble


           My guy bestfriend:
Heey :D um am I coming over or are you?
            My girl bestfriend:
heeeeey[; cannn I barrow your shirt?

And you know what?
I'm sick of being the one who's always there.
The one who's left out just because.
I'm sick of always being there for someone else, when
they aren't there for me. I don't think I deserve that.

I don't think anyone deserves that;
So, soon you're gonna need me, really, really bad.
But guess what? I got sick of being taken advantage of.
Walk On A Rug; Not Your "Bestfriend"

I like sleeping late on Sundays,
wearing my
heart on my sleeve,
I love the color that
midnight makes,
and that's just the
truth about me.


I'm leaving witty.

Lol yeah, right, like that'll ever happen.
I just wanted to tell every single person on here;
that no matter what you or anyone else says;
keep your head up.  

No one should be givin the power to tear you down.