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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
-Hi, i'm awkward.
-My names Abigail but i prefer Abby :)
 -May 3rd is my day.
-I'm single. :P
-Never had a boyfriend.
-"Dude" is my word.
-Soccer and dance are my thaang.
-Witty, facebook, & youtube are my addiction.
kid cudi, taylor swift, lupe fiasco, blahblahblah, i just like good music.
-I love anyone who can make me laugh.
-I'm insecure, but i have my moments.
-I've never been kissed.
-There 7 girls I can proudly call "My best friends".
- I'll always be happy to help.
- I can't sing good at all.
- I cry when im upset.
- I gooo with the flooo.
-I like meeting new people.
-I'm brunette.
-I have several husbands (Ryan Reynolds, David Krejci, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown...)
sup bro?
if your chill, comment me.
follow me & get 100 beast points.
or dont. i dont give a flying fladoodle.
im a weird person & i could care less what others think of me.
out of all my friends ive been here the longest. cool story bro.
i dont know what to put in this box.
& thats about it. i love my life & yeah sure people put me down
sometimes, but you gotta look at the positive things in life.
lifes a bitch and then you die </3