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January 18,2012 - April 25, 2012 Rest in Peace Saveya Kamryn (Kammy) we love you so much ♥ 

Abigail. Singleeee. Basketball♥ 
picture explinations;
1- beautiful mommma and sisters 
2- bestfriennnd♥
3-  my inspiration, bestfriend, momma♥
4- momma and sisssy ♥
5- bestfriennnd;) 
6-senyaaa trippp ;) 
7- bestfriends ♥
8- lake day :*

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Quotes by abbbb

Basketball >>> Cheerleading
don't get mad cheerleaders;)
my sisterdad i'm getting a everytime i walk into my apartment it'll say "hello dani! welcome back to the apartment" 
my dad:
my sister: tell me im allowed to do it, pleaseee!

My Bestfriend finally

asked me out today♥


sorry if this offends anyone; 
But, these One Direction quotes are really starting to get annoying.
their just a band for crying out loud they'll get old just like everyone else has. 

sorry it's just annoying.


i went to my bestfriends lacrosse game and during half time he came up to the bleachers and it was starting to rain a little and he said,  will you go to prom with me? in front of everyone at the game♥♥

thinking shes better than you. thinking your not pretty enough. because, honestly, you are good enough and she isn't prettier than you. She might seem prettier than you because, she has all the boys around her but have you ever thought and wondered why? does she offer things that you don't? does she do things that you don't? is she comfortable with herself? are you comfortable with yourself? You want to know why shes "popular" or seems better than you? it's her self esteem, she has a high self esteem and if you think shes better than you then your self esteem must be really low. Have you ever wished that you looked like someone else? that you were skinnier? that you were prettier? that you were popular? If so heres my question to you; why would you want to change? don't you know your beautiful just the way you are. your unique and no one in the world is just like you. don't you understand, shes not better than you, no one is. everyone is equal in this world, no matter where we stand in society. So next time you think she's better than you or your wishing you weren't you, please remember this quote, and remember your beautiful in every single way and no one will ever be better than you! All you need is a boost of self eteeem(:

Since it's really pretty out today,  
My bestfriend AND I decided to go to the park and just relax.
when we got there a younger girl came up to us and said, 
"one day when you get married, i want to be your flower girl.
You two are the prettiest boyfriend  and girlfriend in the
whole world. your a princess and prince" then smile and just
walked away

she gave me so much hope♥


Not all boys are the same; ♥

I was texting my bestfriend a little bit ago and i told him i was watching the notebook. about30 minutes after i sent the text i heard the doorbell and my dad talking to someone at the door and i heard my dad say "son, what are you doing here this late at night? and whats that in your hands?" and i heard the person at the door reply, "well in the bag is a tub of your daughters favorite icecream and i'm here this late because, your daughter is watching the notebook which means something has to be wrong" i went downstairs to see who it was and it was my bestfriend standing there smiling at me, so i ran and gave him a hug for being the best friend he could possibly be.. he proved to me that you don't have to be dating a guy for him to care about youu(: 
-true story! (: 

Am i the only one... 

who turns on "The Notebook" when i need to be reminded what love really is and looks like? 

this morning..

my cousin woke up earlier than any of us this morning and he went out and got his wife flowers and on the card that you put around the flowers it said " I'm sorry you went through all that pain, if i could deliver a baby to take the pain off of you i would. Your my whole life and i wouldn't trade you for the world. We made a beautiful kid, shes a blessing. Your a beautiful blessing to my life; i'm happy you said yes to spending your whole life with me I love you more than anyone has ever loved someone" they make me want to have a relationship so badly, i guess true love really does exist