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hey im quiting wittty, theres to many bitches on here, and i just dont want people reading my vents, my wittty name is wayyyy to easy for people to figure out its me and im not making a new one cuz i dont want to hahha, soo byeee guyss.

and the sad part is..
he cared about her more than his own life
everyone said they were perfect for eachother.
they were great together && everything seemed to be going right.
but then she suddenly just lost the feeling.
she broke his heart, even though she still loved him.
he would still do anything for her and still thinks about her everyday
but now that theyre done.. he just cant handle himself anymore </3

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sometimes all you can do is
hope, hope for a better tomorrrow
love, love everyonee you can

forget, forget all the h.e.a.r.t.b.r.e.a.k.s
forgive, forgive no matter what happpened
never regret, you learn from your mistakes
say sorrrry, no matter if it was your fault or not

sometimes all you can do is


ughh got allll screwwed uppp but whateverr. i no it wont get any favs either way.
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1. katelyn
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1. Black or White: black.
2. Hot or Cold: coldd. you can always warm upp(:

you have me

yelling at the top of my lunghs

laughing till i cry

crying tilll i wannna die

smiling till it hurts

signing tilll i lose my voice

tilll i cant feel my feet

you have me



ughh wouldnt center. alll minee click the [<3]
+& alot of girls want
the perfect guy, the guy who callls them babe all the time
the guy who tells them they love them everyday.
the guy who willl give them his jacket when there cold.
the guy who will go slow and take thier time.
but no, i want a guy who is not perfect, who will
make me deal with him cuz then i no if i can
deal with him when hes not perfect it reallly
is love, i dont want him to say he loves me and call
me babe all the time because then when he does say
it, it means sooo much more. & no i dont want
his hodddie, i want his arms around me holding me
tight, i dont want him taking his time, becasue
if i wanted it to go slow id only be his friend
i wanna go fast and enjoy it while i can.
i want something different, something you wont expect.

simple black and white. something you wouldnt expect people to read. thnks who doess.
gooodbye 2009
goodbye my first kiss
goodbye my first love
goodbye the old me
goodbye heartbreaks
goodbye t
gooodbye everything
and hello to the new memories
hello to 2010

worst first dayy ever:(
maybe it wasnt meant to be
maybe that text wasnt supposed to be sent
maybe that wish at 11:11 wasnt supposed to be wished
maybe that shooting star wasnt supposed to be seeen
maybe we werent meant to be
maybe your not the one for mee, and its gonnna end
before it starts......
maybe it wasnt meant to be