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 This is going to be my last witty quote. I’ve been really sick for the past month. I have stomach cancer, and I’m not getting any better. I’ve been trying to spend as much time with my friends and family as possible, but I wouldn’t feel right if I left everyone without saying some kind of goodbye. I know I haven’t made an impact on Witty, but all of you have changed my life. I love every single one of you. Truly. Because you were the ones who made me feel like it was okay to be myself, and that it was okay to NOT be okay. I realized whatever was going on in my life,  wasn’t far from the people I could think of as a second family. To everyone I’ve talked to on here, I can’t thank you enough for being there for me, it means the world.<3

 I’ve been looking through quotes for the past hour or so. And the number of them talking about self harm or suicide is heartbreaking. PLEASE DON’T. It hurts, so badly, to lose someone close to you because they took their own life. Death is permanent, pain is not. And I promise you, whatever you are going through, whatever is making you feel like there is no other way out, IT WILL GET BETTER. Do me a favor, right now. Put your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s called purpose. Don’t ever let go.

xoalicecullenxo, wittyfromaguy, SocietyKilledTheTeenager, FramingMatthew, LetTheFlamesBegin. Some of the strongest people on witty. I’ve never talked to any of them, but they all have inspired me somehow, and I’ve looked up to all of them in every way possible.
I’m sorry this is so long. If you’re still with me, I promise I’m almost done. If you forget everything else I wrote, remember this.
You are NEVER alone. Always  tell someone if you love them, no matter who they are. Live your life with no regrets; don’t ever look back. Realize what you’ve got before it’s gone. Don’t waste your time being mad, and NEVER tell someone you hate them.  Take the time to make things right, even if it means admitting you’re wrong. Count every breath you take as a blessing because each and every day is a gift; tomorrow is never promised.

I love you.



poetic talent

is so easy to fake when thy sentences doth
no fricken sense make...




poetic  talent

     is so easy to fake when thy sentences doth
no fricken sense make...


this is for 

my marine

 Semper fi. I love you, always and forever.

you're    my  


y o   u            k     e     e    p          m     a     k     i     n    g              m     e           w      e     a     k        ;

f       r       o      z      e     n            a     n      d           c      a      n     '    t           b    r        e     a     t      h      e          ♥

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I have 9 days of high school left
and then I'm done, for good.


 No more bullshit, no more drama.
Im leaving everything behind;
starting over.  

There is no upper hand; I'm giving you mine
It doesn't have to end up wasting your time
There's things that I could say, but here 
in my way I wanna let you know that 

it's all okay.


A    Reason   To   Live
{{PLEASE take the 6 minutes to watch this}}

I found out  I'm sick.

Really sick. I've been to so many doctors; none of them know how to treat what I have. But it could kill me. And I'm scared. I told the guy I'm in love with all of this, ending with "I'm 17...this isn't supposed to happen , I'm not supposed to die." 
He  looked at me, and then said

you're right. Because you're supposed to be spending the rest of your life with me.


[[All completely true. I love this boy so much.]]