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Be like snow : 

Beautiful but cold. 

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And one day, your

name didn't make 

me smile anymore.
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I was really sad about it for a while. 

The worst kind of sad too. 

The kind where you know, deep down, that theres

nothing you can do even though you wish you


We had been trying to be

adults since we were 15.

When we finally reached

18, nothing changed.

It wasn't until we were lying on

the bathroom floor, drunk and high

in two different states, that we


Age is just a number,

and reality is learning there's no

such thing as being an adult.

You only grow older.

And if you're lucky,

maybe a little wiser.


A bed;
where most teenagers find themselves
for 16 hours of the day,
because they'd rather be asleep than
deal with their problems.
And if sleep is for the weak,
then teenagers are the weakest group.
Its a drug.
You close your eyes and just like that,
you're gone and reality cannot touch you.
And if nothing was ever a priority,
most of us wouldn't bother waking up.

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I could never be a stand up comedian I would never through set
because I'd be laughing so hard at what I was about to say

"I wonder if teachers ever

realize that some of the

students sitting in their

class have serious mental

illnesses and are

collapsing under the

pressure they put on



30 years ago, a family of 8 became 7. One of the most known diseases, cancer, killed one more. A little boy lost his father. He couldn't handle his funeral, so he ran back home. His mother, worried, came after him. He was locked in his bedroom, and the only thing he said was "Wake me up when september ends." Now, this little boy inspires thousands of people with his songs. And you know who that boy is.


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>>"I kissed the

scars on her skin

I still think you're beautiful
» » » » » » » » and I don't want to lose my best friend."
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"I'm always anxious thinking I'm

not living my life to the fullest..."


I don't really have feelings
until about 2 AM and then I
get sad about everything.