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er, hi.
Tea, music, beach, long walks and spooning in bed with a film on. These things are the best in life. I also strongly consider ice cream floats as the best drink thing in existence. 

im single and i hate it okay, its just like i see all these other people in cute relationships and i think 'whens it my turn?'. but it never is. idk whats wrong with me but yeah. and like alot of people im insecure, so no matter how much you compliment me i wont you beleive you, sorry.

I HATE CINEMA DATES WITH A DEEP AND BURNING PASSION, i mean i go to watch the friggin movie, and there's arm rests in the way so you can't cuddle or anything, it's just crap. id much rather go for a walk along the beach or to the park

went to borneo for a month in july, helped build schools and stuff, and gave them all my clothes. it was the most challenging, scariest, experience in my life but so amazing. love to make other peoples situations better. you never know when your life is going to end so you probably should just live it to the fullest.

Music Tings;
Rizzle kicks are the best, and im going to marry them okay? Met them and stuff, they now have my hoodie and a top they wanted me to get them haha. nearly died when they direct messaged me and gave me their email address tbh. Mikill Pane. Josh Osho. Skepta. Dizzee Rascal. Stooshe. Labrinth. Ed Sheeran.

im just doing me and the things I like, im not influenced by anybody else, not my style, my music, or my personality. It's all me being me. Okey dokey kiddy winks?