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hey yo. I aint going all fanncyy nannccyy on my profilee. Im gonna keep it plain and simple...kinda. Love me or hate reallly doesnt bother me.:) i  absoutely loveee music. who doesnt??im a NightOwl♥ \i love lifeee most of the time. II be a Sophomoreee,((:  Singleee Pringleee and Mingling. ;) Ive been heartbroken a few times. . Love to vacatiooon,. WittyBestFriend? e24ever(: I have friendds, and i have enemies. YahNo. and i have 1 best friend whos been there through it likeee anything i misseddd,,, coommmmennnnttt and just ask. (:

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Teacher: who wants to present next?

Student: (insert best friend's name here) does!


thos e lov e hate relationships,
     are absolutely  adorable♥


You say I've changed,

                                         But the truth is you never really knew me. 


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Have you ever wondered

Which hurts the most: 
saying something, 
and wishing you hadn't
or not saying something, 
And wishing you had?

♥ nmf/nmq

  & He is far from perfect;

           He is such a goofball; & you never know what he's going to say next. He is distracted a little too easily & sucks at taking hints. its hard to tell what is on his mind & he's so impracticable. he's never on time & is a little clumsy. he isn't the brightest, but he makes me smile. he can be demanding at times & is kind of outspoken. no, hes not perfect.
But I never asked him to be.


"Do you behave like this at home?!"
........."Yes, actually."


     & things magically appear
   when my mom looks for them..


"Screw you! I'm not
playing anymore!"



Boys who 
Try to braid your hair