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I'm Tiffany. There's alot going on in my life.

i don't need followers.

I don't need a top quote.

I just need a place where I'm the same as everybody else with me, on witty.

I sound sappy, I know.

My sister is danberry1997. I wanted my witty sisters to know

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If u like love or r missing someone repost within 1 minute and whoever u r midssing will surprise u! <3

Do any of you know Skillet?

A strings tribute to their song Monster

In case witty leaves at whatever time tomorrow, I need to vent. Alot.

Everything from my blood tests came, fine, except one thing. I don't have enough calcium and vitamin D. In my 20's, I could have brittle bone disease, which means my bones will break very easily. Starting today i take two pills every day for a month, then one pill every day for five months. There's another thing, too. If I don't gain more weight, when I actually get into peuberty, I won't go through it right. So, my mom had to get an app on her iPhone that I have to record every meal, snack and drink I eat every day, it adds up the calories, and subtracts some when I write down I excersise, and tells me how many calories I've consumed for that day. I'm supposed to get 1600 calories every day, I haven't reached my goal since I started. If I get more than 1600 cal., then I actually gain weight. I always thought i had no problems, even though I'm 4' 4" and 54 lb. at age 11. I mean, my crush is 4' 5", but he says he's 75 pounds. My friend Alex is 4' 5", too, and 65 pounds. Writing this, I heard my mom and step dad talking about how I need to eat like 800 more calories. But I don't like to eat alot. She wanted me to go have a snack, like ice cream, but I was like, "Ew, no." So right now I'm drinking 'Boost'. With calcium and calories. There's no point of 'staying strong' if stuff like this is gonna happen.

My parents started taking me to theapy. I'm only doing it for my dad, who lives in N.C. but travels through Europe and some parts of Asia for work. He wants me to stay strong. It's hard. I've never thought of cutting. I don't know how exactly I do, though. It seems painful. I've gone through lots of pain, but not enough to cause myself even more.

That's all I'll say for today,I guess. If you read this whole thing, which is just a tiny sliver of my life, thanks. I appreciate how you care enough about me to read this. Remember you're beautiful, even without witty by your side to support you

On Monday,

I will  log onto my wittyprofile.

If you LIKE, LOVE, OR MISS someone right now
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The first quote on witty was made by steve, at 15 Jan 2004 at 12:30pm. Witty almost made it to 8 magical years. But no, "Google" doesn't want that.

You're already beautiful.

You don't need to be anorexic to be beautiful. You don't need to wear loads of make up. You already are beautiful. You think you need too, but really, there is no point in doing it. You can go to school in a plain t-shirt and sweatpants. With dirty sneakers and wearing a messy bun. You're still beautiful. In you're own way.

Don't try to cover up what's beautiful <3

And I love how on Wizards of Waverly Place,
Alex and Justin got full wizard powers, and Max felt like he was the best when he was told he was getting the family buisness.

So, at lunch i was stabbing my apple with a straw. SO my friend Sophia took it and stabbed it so hard that it went through the apple. All weekend we've been singing:

Go on and try to tear me down,
I will be rising from the ground,
Like a skyapple.
Like a skyapple!

This is true