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I'm Kaitlyn.
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I am who I am, nothing in the world can change who I am. I have strong beliefs and a big heart. I've never ever fell in love before, but I'm willing to try. My friends are my life.  I am loud, obnxious, rude and inconsiderate. But, I'm also willing to be better.♥ I'm the kind of girl that never turns her homework in on time & is always late for school. I'm also the girl that always has something written on her arms, just so there's never a scar on it. I write all the time and draw when I get the chance. I've lost so many things and I'm scared of losing anything else, that I'm okay with getting hurt or ending up in a relationship I never wanted. Don't try to change who I am, this is me.

This is my life and I won't

regret a single thing.♥

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Quotes by addictiontoyournamex3

juswantholyou      ,
*                               I just want to kiss you,
I just want to love yoall my life,
I normally wouldn't say this,                      *
BuI just can'contain it  .
*                   I want you here forever, right here,
By  my  sid.

Hi, I'm a boy.

  And this is how it's going down...

I'm gonna make myself seem really nice and sweet and funny.
Then, when you like me, I'm going to flirt with you all the time.

Put my arms around you like your mine and make you feel oh-so special.

Then, when you try to talk to me in school I'm going to ignore you.

Act like none of that stuff happened and make you feel like dirt.

When you think your over me, because of everything I did to you-

I'm just gonna flirt with you some more.

And you're just gonna fall in love with me...

Because you're stupid
enough to fall for me.

                            PS. I'm gonna break your heart and I'm gonna enjoy every second.

The beautiful girl ;
who hides so much               under        her sleeves.

because your life can end in a flash.


13 Years Ago...
»              I'm sure she cried. I'm sure she didn't want to go. I'm sure she
cursed. I'm sure she wasn't ready. I'm sure she didn't expect it. I'm sure *
she didn't want to accept it. I'm sure she never wanted to leave us behind.
I'm sure she never wanted to let us go. I'm sure she fought hard. I'm sure*
she will never stop loving us.   « -
13 Years Ago... my Mother passed away-
there's not a day that I don't miss her. *

[1o.3o.97 -the worst day of my life.]

that you know you will never have.


How awkwardly tense he gets

WHEN I JUST WALK BY.     </3                                                

What I would do ;

      to just be in his arms again.♥

But, deep down in my heart - I wish he would choose me. ,
I was the one on his mind. [ ♥ ]                        «  -  -  -  - '
I was the one that I heard him talking about to his friends.♥

The one he would never forget.

[I can't get him off my mind.♥]

I'm finally fourteen.
                    I never thought I'd            would make it this far.♥