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Status: Eat. My. Shorts.
Joined: December 28, 2014
Last Seen: 3 weeks
Birthday: November 12
user id: 388793
Location: In a manic state of depression
Artist. Musician. Deviant. INFJ. Retro-punk.
Undecided Calvinist, Bifurious Clarke Kisser.
Basketcase. Tumblr Trash. Manic Depressive.
Problematic. Pretentious Asshat.

"Basically Someone You Shouldn't Be Friends With"
Music I Like:
Imogen Heap, Eisley, ALT-J, FUN, Twenty 
One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Taylor Swift, 
Front Porch Step, Charlie Puth, No Outlet,
Halsey, Owl City (since 2007), Never Shout
Never, My Chemical Romance (MCR), 

The Killers, Jarrod Alonge, Childish Gambino, 
Rich Mullins, Green Day (any early 2000's
Punk band), Parks, Troye Sivan, Say Anything,
Modern Baseball, Blink 182, Social Repose
YouTubers I Like:
MyHarto, NigaHiga, chestersee, PewDiePie,
The Game Theorists, ExplosmEntertainment, 
Lindsey Stirling, Full of Eyes, RoseEllenDix, 
Vlogbrothers, Cyarin, OnisionSpeaks, Paint,
Emmablackery, Zeldaxlove64 RIP, All the gays.
Things you Should Ask me:
My music Taste, My interests, Whether the
Earth we live in is one giant Capri Sun™ and
the Moon and Sun are the hole for the Straw, 

If you want to talk to me about struggles go
ahead but I can't garuntee I'll help at all.,
What the song on my profile means to me,
Why bisexual people have to present as Gay
instead of Bi due to biphobia.

Currently on a lifelong hiatus

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Quotes by Alpaca Prophet *

I love her more than
life itself,
but I can't put
the weight of my life
on her shoulders.
Because I hate life,
so if she leaves I'm a


Can't wait to see my favorite
Artist on May 21st!

She was a Tiger,
Fierce to the eye,
Renown in her legend,
and covered in stripes.

Her pride echoed the mainland
like that of hallow halls.
scratch, scratch, hear that growl,
with your throat under her paw.

I was a rabbit,
Anxious and weak.
I hide in the burbur bush,
me and my big feet.

Somehow she loved me,
don't ask me why.
I've never been bold,
but with you I can might.


Do what you want with your hair,
I'll still love you.


When I'm with you
I am Home.

You give me color I never knew Existed...

I can't remember what color looks like,
one memory after another the filter loses it's color.
and i dwindle into my belonging.
like I did before...

Up on the Mountain I see down below,
it's easy to lose yourself I know.
can't hear what you're shouting I'm deaf to your show,
it's easy to lose your self control.
Everybody gets high everybody gets low,
life can be such overdose.
Up on the mountain I see dow below,
It's easy to lose yourself i know.
In the in Between.


My face billows in smoke,
I don't know how much longer i can contain it.
A chemical reaction is happening inside me,
and I'm becoming unstable.


Can't you see it?
I'm just a Lost boy who couldn't stick
to the path.
Never meant to go anywhere,
never meant to amount to anything.
Just made to sleep in the Tall grass.

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