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Status: Eat. My. Shorts.
Joined: December 28, 2014
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Birthday: November 12
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Location: In a manic state of depression
Artist. Musician. Deviant. INFJ. Retro-punk.
Undecided Calvinist, Bifurious Clarke Kisser.
Basketcase. Tumblr Trash. Manic Depressive.
Problematic. Pretentious Asshat.

"Basically Someone You Shouldn't Be Friends With"
Music I Like:
Imogen Heap, Eisley, ALT-J, FUN, Twenty 
One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Taylor Swift, 
Front Porch Step, Charlie Puth, No Outlet,
Halsey, Owl City (since 2007), Never Shout
Never, My Chemical Romance (MCR), 

The Killers, Jarrod Alonge, Childish Gambino, 
Rich Mullins, Green Day (any early 2000's
Punk band), Parks, Troye Sivan, Say Anything,
Modern Baseball, Blink 182, Social Repose
YouTubers I Like:
MyHarto, NigaHiga, chestersee, PewDiePie,
The Game Theorists, ExplosmEntertainment, 
Lindsey Stirling, Full of Eyes, RoseEllenDix, 
Vlogbrothers, Cyarin, OnisionSpeaks, Paint,
Emmablackery, Zeldaxlove64 RIP, All the gays.
Things you Should Ask me:
My music Taste, My interests, Whether the
Earth we live in is one giant Capri Sun™ and
the Moon and Sun are the hole for the Straw, 

If you want to talk to me about struggles go
ahead but I can't garuntee I'll help at all.,
What the song on my profile means to me,
Why bisexual people have to present as Gay
instead of Bi due to biphobia.

Currently on a lifelong hiatus

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Quotes by Alpaca Prophet *


         You can have some of Mine        

She's said it so many times before

"You're Nothing"

but now I believe it.


Eight Things I care about more than people

1. My Witty Profile Music
(I change my music every week)

2. My Handwritten Letters
See "My Penmanship"

3. My Music
(I will choose listening to Tyler Josephs voice over a family get together any day)

4. How I Look
(It takes at least a half hour for me to decide what to wear)

5.  My Hair

6. My Penmanship
See "My Handwritten Letters"

7. Coffee

(Not to be cliche, but my coffee comes first before meeting new people)

8. My Gif Quotes
(I spend hours finding the right gif)


I told myself I wouldn't start smoking,
but breathing you in is so warm

I think I'm addicted


She wanted honesty,
the chilling word that pierces our security.
When locked gates stand tall,
a simple command can bring down us all.
Did she have honesty?
Was I letting her into the dark, cold truth?
Or paining a canvas on my wall to fool you?
If you're looking for me to tear down my walls
for you to walk inside,
and see what I treasure and keep by my side.
Then dust your shoes off on the way in.

Why do my quotes say "click to see quote" when they're posted?
when it does that people don't get to see all the effort i put into
making it look good and probably won't want to 'click'.









Please darling,

take me where no one walks,
into private places,
where more than my mind goes nuts around you.

Imagine sitting next to a fire place,
just us.
Your head
on my heart,

listening to each other's heart beat.
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