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hi earthlings 
my name is Adriana .
I love one direction .
I'm 14 years old .
I live in Florida . 
I am taken by the bag of my chips in my kitchen.
I'm mexican .
O2l is the best .
That's it .
Don't forget to smile :) 

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silence is better than
bullshit . 


You can save your apologies ,
you're nothing but a liar .
Okay , so like some month ago I was writing a story on Witty called
"Just Another Mistake" .
But I never finished it because I'm a loser .
So I was wondering if I should post it again . 
5+ likes and I'll post the story again and finish it :)
I will notify by the way . If you want me to .


I'm over you . 
I miss you . 

I Used To Be WItty Famous But -
Who Am I Kidding I Was Never WItty Famous !
The Most Romantic Thing You Can
Ever Do Is Buy Me Food .

Sad Story
A girl wanted a ring.

But the boy gave her a teddy bear instead. In anger, the girl threw the bear on the road. The boy went to get it back but he was hit by a coming car and died. At his funeral, the girl hugged the bear and the machine in it spoke: "Will You Marry Me?" ..
Guess What ?
She found a ring inside it.


Due Tomorrow = Do Tomorrow

I Remember All Those Wishes That Never Came True..
I Guess This Is Life.
You Just Have To Keep On Moving Forward..
I Decided I Am Not Gonna Finish My Story
Sorry To Those Who Were Reading It