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Heyy everyone! Im Adrianna im 14 and live in new york! my friends call me Lala or baba, ilove meeting new people and making friends so i hope you take the time and get to know me kk<3 ilove you guys!!

it scrolls :)


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im done pretending to be something im not.

There's nothing better than seeing his name come up on the screen and then pressing IGNORE :)

two simple words... 
ScReW  yOu

i'm perfectly IMPERFECT

My hurt is my pride.


I know he what he doesn't want to tell you.

hee hee 

the answer to DARKNESS is LIGHT

what ever happens TODAY... we have TOMORROW.

You think that loosing her is the worst thing that's ever happened to you.
wait till you loose me... which wont be to far.


You LOST her and your about to LOOSE me...
i take that back you just DID.