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Hey, i'm Ellie and I'm 15 and yeah that is all there is know really...

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The words we don't say remain in 
our heads the longest

I never realised how happy that one or two people can make you feel by just talking to you
If I share my food with you
You must be special to me
Talking to that one person no matter who they are can really make your whole day.

When you love someone

you want nothing but the best for them

even if you're not in the picture

It takes a long time for someone to earn your trust

but it takes even longer for them to regain it

No matter why it was told, the reason

behind it or who you were trying to


 A lie is still and lie.

"I promise to agree to disagree on red velevet cupcakes." - The Vow

When you have friends over
your mum decides
to be the
person in the whole world!


The conversations
you have with your best friend
that make you smile so much