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Dont you hate those days when you cry..and you just dont know why?
The hardest thing is watching the one you love, love someone else. But that someone else was the reason you guys broke up

comments? make preatty?
When the world is crashing down on you...

dont be afraid to get up and smile,
hang out, and laugh a little more
go to school with a head up high and get through the day,
get him mad, act like everythings fine,
look hot and pretend your fine
because in the end all that matters is who has stayed with you, and if hes not the one...
you have nothing to worry about. your perfect and special in your own way and way better then him<3

readd<3 venting!

No your not going to knock me down again. And no I wont fall for you again. I'm better then that. I walked out of this with my head high thinking, woah, why did I let my self fall? I knew I would end up a mess like last time.
Talking about me telling everyone I'm such a bi***. Well honey thats not how it works. I relized I have my girlies and dont need this. Guess what? I'm gonna walk to school with a smile and relize I'm fine with out you and it makes me feel great=)

I wonder if you...
wake up with tears in your eyes,
think about me as much as I think of you,
 think of those nights we shared and the laughs,
you start crying when you hear my name,
get jelous when you see me with other guys, like I do when your with other girls,
watch my name pop up on your buddy list and think only if I could talk to her,
will ever feel the same again

 ughh venting</3

Why is it that after
all the times you hurt me your the only one who I want?

Today, I had a bad day. Some friends being rude. Some guys being rude and boyfriend acting awkward. While sitting on the computer my mom walked in and said, "Whats wrong?Where you crying. It looks like it." All I tell her is, "Mom, I'm fine my eyes are just tired." She said, "Stop lying. Tell me whats wrong your eyes always tell the truth."

***True story!!<3
It's the times when you need someone the most and guess what no one's there and the times when everything is perfect and everything seems to be falling in place is the time when everyone who matters is there</3

Venting=( can be about anything in my case not about any guy or friends
Something little blows up into this huge thing; but deep down you both know that you care a lot about each other.</3

My cusing just said this to me='(.Its not about a boy its about my mom