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Dude, i am in love with taylor swift.. :') And i want too be a musician.. I play guitar and sing.. Write songs and all that. I dont read?? Favourite movie?? Deffs have to bee dear John? I cried soo much when i watched that.

Quotes by ahill1

i can't help but read over this one thing.
over and over.
couples are dating,
singles are waiting.
hoes are mating,
& real love is fading..
Boy: Ily
Girl: say it right!
Boy: i'm leaving you..
i never make the same mistake twice..

i make it five or six times.
you know,
just to be sure..
Out of all the toys in the world..
People have to choose hearts to play with..
when you fall in love..?
their 'imperfections' become perfection.
So, you add me on Facebook, like my statuses, like my pictures, then i'll do the same.
Then we will inbox, swap numbers, text for days, stay up all night texting, getting closer and closer each day.
Smile when we receive a text from each other.
Finally we meet, go to each others houses, watch DVD'S, spoon, kiss etc.
We'll do this for a few weeks until finally we like each other, we'll start to go out, change our relationship status on Facebook, post hearts on each others walls, say iloveyou.
Everything's perfect for about 5 months, until one of us goes out without each other, rumours of cheating will start but no. We let it pass, go back to being perfect. Back to being together 'forever' cracks show, day by day the relationship loses its flame , it finally ends. We both go out and try to make each other jealous, then we start to hate each other, block each other on Facebook, make statuses about each other, stalk each other from a friends account just to see what we are both doing, then we'll get jealous and find someone new.
That 'forever' lasted about 7 months.
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
I'd probably like sleeping a lot more if i was sleeping next to you.. :3  
"Are you crying?" No.. I just have a bit of swag in my eye. :3