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Quotes by airatmaninravi

In the Wind that Blows, the Water that Flows, the Sun that Glows, Feel God, Experience God, Realize God! 
The Past shouldn’t rob the Present, the Present is a Gift. The Future shouldn’t destroy this Moment, this Moment is meant to be Lived!
The NOW is Peaceful and Blissful, but how easily we lose our Joy. We slip into Yesterday and Tomorrow, looking for another Toy!
The Me I think to be Me... And the You that you seem to be... Are both part of One Energy that we often call HE.
The Earth goes around… Who makes it go? It’s a Cosmic Power, Who is managing the Show!
Science has finally agreed with spirituality, that we human beings are, in essence, energy, and not matter that we appear to be! 
Science and Spirituality have no Synergy. But the one thing they both agree on is, that we are Energy!
Only one percent of the world is visually blind, but 99 percent of the world is spiritually blind. 
One Million Years OR One Billion Years – What is the Earth's Age? When we Realize the Truth, we know it is just a Virtual Stage! 
Of course, Achievement gives Joy and Excitement! But when Need is overtaken by Greed, to Misery this will lead!
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