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Quotes by airatmaninravi

Do you know who you truly are? Or are you from the Truth afar? If the Truth you must find... first, you must Transcend the Mind.
Desire is like a fire…In the end it makes us burst. And though we achieve what we want, it will never Quench our thirst.
Death is not “ The End”; it is a Bend to Transcend.
Death is a doorway to God. We celebrate Life and mourn Death....shouldn’t we reverse it?
Chicken or Egg, what came first on earth? What was the one that first took birth? If you get to the bottom of the root, you will realize the Divine Truth.
We are nothing! When will we realize that the Earth itself is like one grain of sand on the vast beach of Creation?
Because we don't know that WE ARE Happiness, we keep seeking it!
As long as we believe the myth, we can never realize the truth.
Aren't we the ones who say, “My”? We exist from Birth till we Die. Aren't we the ego, 'I'? Let’s find out “Who am I?”
All Successful people are not Happy, but all Happy people are Successful.
- AiR Atman in Ravi
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