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Quotes by airatmaninravi

Love says… I love you because I need you. True love says… I need you because I love you.
Love doesn't happen in a flash... love doesn't happen by chance. True love is an eternal ecstasy that makes your heart and soul dance.
Life is a Drama, We Come and we Go. Before the curtains are drawn, we must Enjoy the Show!
Just like a conductor is required to orchestrate a band, to Realize God, we need a Spiritual Master to hold our hand.
It’s just a Drama; it's just a Show. Nothing is real, we Come and we Go.
Ignorance is Believing that Silence is Nothing. Wisdom is knowing that Silence is Everything!
If you try to find the Mind, you will find that there is no Mind. Then how can you be the Mind, which you cannot Find? 
If you seek Liberation, you cannot find God. But if you seek God, you will find Liberation.
If you can just Live in the "Now" and Focus on this Moment with ease, then Fear and Worry will disappear as you Live with Joy and Peace!
God is beyond Gender, God is not He or She. God is a Supreme Power that no Human can See or Be!
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