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I'm Amelia :)

Quotes by ajmx15

It's like loving someone for the first time all over again, except it happens everytime I look at you.


When you're busy looking for the perfect person,
you'll probably miss the imperfect person
that could make you perfectly



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What if rappers rapped about nice things?

"Girl,  ima  take  your  clothes  o f f  and
h a n g  n e a t l y  i n  your  c  l o s e t, ye a a a h."



That's so last year!


Find the guy
Who'd  rather  see  your  pretty  face,
than the inside of your pants.

s m i l s
[ That you catch
on your face that
you didn't even
know were there. ]


When I finally walk away
from everything we've had,
don't expect me to come back
 after you  realize   you  made  a

big mistake .

If Taylor Swift had a witty...
 her       quotes       would       be 



Dear Facebook,

Still haven't gotten that dislike button, hey?

Sincerely, Youtube.