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I've been going to school ever since I was 5 
Tonight, I get to walk across the stage
in front of my friends, family and peers,
and get that single piece of paper 
that I've worked for ever since

Tonight, I graduate.
I now have to be an adult. 



In the year of 2398
This will happen.

Child: Mommy, I can't sleep..
Mom: Don't worry child, lay down as I sing to you this ancient lullaby

If I listen, I have the advantage.
If I speak, others have it.
— Peruvian Proverb

My mom's boyfirend: How do you know when your in love?
Me: Pffft, I don't know.
My mom's boyfriend: Come'on I'm serious.
Me: I don't know, When you're talking to them and you can feel your heart in your throat?
My mom's Boyfriend: And?
Me:When even though you're not supposed to be thinking about them but you are.
My sister: You jump at any oppurtunity to talk to them.
Me: You dream of them every night, knowing that if  they could just feel what you feel, your entire world.....
My sister: Would be alright.
My mom's boyfriend: I can't help but feel that and so much more when I'm around your mother, and her two amazing daughters. I want to ask you wonderful young ladies if I could have your mothers hand?
Me and my sister: Yes!!

I love him && my daddy.

I know this is weird to up this up && it will get like no favs but it made my day!

Hunger Games 2.0:
put 5 Directioners
and 5 Directionators
in one house for 3 months.

It's like loving someone for the first time all over again, except it happens everytime I look at you.

 I Wish Boys &Girls Could have Sleepovers
Without it being such a big deal
Fave and I'll
Write a name that sounds good with yours. 
I promise I'll do them all

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Harry: Im sitting on the couch across from you, you look sexxy
Louis: Your slowly seducing me with your curls
Harry: I know, that was the plan

Ok so for everyone who likes this,
I will go on your profile,
And write a nice
Based on
What I
It may take
Me a While,
But I promice
I will write one!
Thank You!!!!!!!