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 Bands/Artists I Suggest
•The 1975 (alt./contemp.)
•Tove Lo (??)
•Alina Baraz (contemp./downtempo)
•Ariana Grande (pop/r&b)
•Arctic Monkeys (alt./Rock)
•twenty øne pilots(rock/pop)
•KREAM (they make remixes only) (deep house)
•ODESZA (down tempo/deep house)
•Lorde (pop/alt./down tempo)
•Oliver Heldens (deep house)
•The Neighbourhood (alt./down tempo)
•Lana Del Rey (downtempo)
•Melanie Martinez (pop/downtempo)
•Marina & the Diamonds (pop)
•the xx (alt./downtempo)

Please check out some of these artists/bands. They are great and have some amazing music if you like down-tempo/ deep house/contemparary/Pop/rock whatever. I listed which genre each act is. 
Please enjoy!

akayg's Favorite Quotes

You have so many layers, that you can peel away a few, and everyone’s so shocked or impressed that you’re baring your soul, while to you it’s nothing, because you know you’ve twenty more layers to go.

when your girlfriend has
l y r i c s a s h e r s t a t u s ,
you know >>you’re either doing
[ something very right,] or
something very wrong.

Heaven knows I'm miserable. Hell takes all the credit though.

Dont they get it? Its all  fake
fake  smiles fake laugh
everything. I dont remember

thelast time I was truly happy. Thats 
all I want is to be  happagain.

K I L L   M E ?!
You couldn't even kill my boredom.


Strangers Friends
Ex's Lovers


This quote does not exist.

Lights will guide you home
& ignite your bones

The sky will cry, but it will find it's light again
It has been awhile since i have been on witty. Alot has changed in the year that i have been gone.
I no longer live with my family, we dont really get along thats why i moved out. Oh i graduated highschool! It isnt as exctiing being out in the real world as some would think. Im starting to realize how difficult it can be to be able to make enough money just to live in todays soceity.