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My mom said if I get at least 70 faves on this quote, she'll stop smoking..
Please fave??
Yes I'm jealous of her. She's pretty, funny, sweet, smart, has a lot of friends, doesn't have any major issues in her life, && is perfectly ok with everything she's ever done or said. But I'm just as good as she is. I'm just as pretty, just as funny, just as smart, I have enough friends who love me, && who cares about my issues? They all make up who I am today. && I'm proud of who I am today.
I overcome the demonds with a thing called love.
-Bob Marley
So many smiles throughout the day.
But not a single one is real.
I'm sick of fights, and I'm sick of arguments.
I just want to love you forever. 
You don't know frustration untill you've realized you didn't get the words right in a song, and then you can't figure out what they really are...
Sometimes I wish I was 10x prettier than I am... But then you remind me of how beautiful I really am <3
I see 11 year olds with and iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad mini, Xbox 360, Wii, and like $800 in their wallets, still complaining to their parents that they don't have enough... When I was 11, I had a jumprope and a coloring book and was the happiest girl in the world..