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I'm awesome. 

Quotes by ale16064

 Dear Nerds,
  You got NOTHING  on me. 

 Sincerely, Smarties


We all read those jokes off the Laffy Taffy wrapper.


That terrifiying  moment
you have to pee really bad and

you can't unbutton your pants.

Life is too short.

Smile while you still have teeth. :)

Dear Teachers,

          Moving my seat will not help. Just saying. :)

                                                                     Sincerely, Me.

Most teenagers smoke and drink. Me? I like Spongebob :)

Music is my drug.
Youtube is my dealer.

What guys think girls do at sleepovers: PILLOWFIGHT!!!
What girls actaully do at sleepovers: Dude, I'm hungry lets eat.

10 reasons why I'm lazy.
You know what?
I can do this later.

*Me in the hallways*
"Excuse me. Excuse me.
Excuse me!! OH MY GOSH MOVE!..Thank You!"