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if you are going to be someone that will judge me; not believe me; or call me fake.. get the hell off my profile.

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1.30.11 <3

Personal Information (:

Name: Alx (Alxandria)
Birthday: March 24th 1998
Favorite color: Green (:
Number of siblings: 5
Number of pets: 3
Kind of music: Heavy metal mostly
Style: Tom-boy / skater
Aim: alexclub1234   <-- let me know you are from witty
E-mail: <-- again let me know your from witty
Facebook: Just ask (:

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      Just One More Service I Provide 


Me: "Hi cat!!"
Megan: "Who's the cat? O_o"
Me: "the dog.." 

Freakin' Packers !! I hope you rot in hell

Love mee (:
you are my first love. dont you ever forget that (:
♕ ♕ Who made you king of anything?
No one gets me.
my "friends" left me
im all alone
im guilty
im scared
but most of all

So what? I love him (: is that such a bad thing? <3
i swear this may be the end of me.
Today was the worst day ever for me nothing good happened at school and i came home to be yelled at and hit. i need to get out of here.
Ohhh  shut up would u?! stop being such a drama queen