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You can break my arms,

You can break my legs,

You can break my face,

But break my friends, and I'll break you.

I'll ruin you, your arms, your legs, your face.

Wanna screw my friends over now?

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Charlie The Unicorn

In other words, somebody has no life.
She's my best friend because...

Her talent is reciting the back of the orange juice carton(:

i love my best friend
my health teacher told me that punching pillows isn't a good way to get out stress.
neither is murder aparently
This quote does not exist.
  I'd run for you // fly for you // live for you // die
for you

I'd fight for you // cry for you
look God in the eye and lie for you
I crash for you and burn for you
I'd never ever turn from you

~For you I'd die a thousand times~
For you I'd think of a thousand rhyms

The only thing i need to know baby

would you do the same for me?
After his last word she took off running. It was pouring rain but that didn't matter. She just needed to get away from it all. He was still standing there, watching her run. She stoped, turned around and saw him still there, staring at her. But then he turned and walked away. So she kept runing. She got around another block and her phone rang. It was her best friend. She threw her fone down at the wet ground and kept going. She ran and she ran. She didn't know where she was going. She was just going. And no one could stop her. So she just kept running though the pouring rain with tears streaming down her face. She didn't know when she would stop running. IF she would stop running. She ran into the night. And it rained the whole time. She knew it was time to stop running.
So she did. Right there in the pouring rain. She rapped her hands around her neck and her final words were the following. " Death wasn't what made us part"

*really long. but WORTH reading*
This quote does not exist.

What happened to Disney?
Then: Cinderella danced at a ball
Now: Miley Cyrus danced on a stripper pole.