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HEyyy errboddyy! my name is aliicia(: im currently 13 years of age and i will be turning 14 august 4th, im young for my gradee:/ but ya no watevess, i have reallyy 3 closeee BFFs , followw jacqueline Superitalian8 all shes the shit!!!!!!!!Im crushing on someone but ofcourse he has a girlfriend not surprised, gotta move on it will be hard tho.lovekittiess? i love my family means EVERYTHING to me! Follow me and ill followw yo bak!!!
Talk to me i dont bite(::
You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.
Lady Gaga

Never call a girl fat, even if your joking.
Demi Lovato
No matter how talented you are, not everybody is going to like you. But thats life just stay strong.
Justin Bieber


Quotes by alicia13

Those middle of the night
talks you have with your 
bestfriend about LIFE

That awkward moment when
you dont know if you should hug someone or not

Dance as if no one's watching
Sing as if no one's listening♥
Love like you never been hurt
Work like you dont need money♥
LIVE like its heaven on earth

Child said to his mom, " Mommy I colored your sheets with lipstick!" In anger she started to hit her child until he was unconscious. Then, she regretted what she had done, and crying said, "Please open your eyes!" But it was too late, his tiny heart stopped beating. When she walked into her bedroom, the sheet said "I LOVE YOU MOMMY."
I tear every time I read this. 
I absolutely hate when people call themselves skinny,
 my friend always brags how skinny and muscular she is. Im soooooooooo* sick of braggers. Get over yourself b*tch. No one cares.
FAV If you hate that 2
FAV- if you still listen to a song that you listened for years<33
COMMENT- if you only like songs that are new<33
Spongebob saying

Spongebob- BYE SQUIDWARD ,BYE MR.KRABS !!!! (creepily) Bye Squidward;)
Patrick- You said bye squidward twice?
Spongebob-  ( creepily) I like squidward...
Ohhhh mann i love spongebob<33333

Dear Pandora,
I would like to listen to music by the artist I put in a group, not some other music.
Disturbed listener
I can feel you breathe.

I can feel your heart beat faster.

Take me home tonight!

I don't wanna let you go till you see the light

-Take me home tonight- Every Avenue-<3(:

does anybody know how to change your arrow on your profile?????? pleaseee help!