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HEyyy errboddyy! my name is aliicia(: im currently 13 years of age and i will be turning 14 august 4th, im young for my gradee:/ but ya no watevess, i have reallyy 3 closeee BFFs , followw jacqueline Superitalian8 all shes the shit!!!!!!!!Im crushing on someone but ofcourse he has a girlfriend not surprised, gotta move on it will be hard tho.lovekittiess? i love my family means EVERYTHING to me! Follow me and ill followw yo bak!!!
Talk to me i dont bite(::
You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.
Lady Gaga

Never call a girl fat, even if your joking.
Demi Lovato
No matter how talented you are, not everybody is going to like you. But thats life just stay strong.
Justin Bieber


Quotes by alicia13

One day you'll think of me, as I thought of you.
One day you'll cry for me, as much as I cried for you.
One day you'll want me, as much as I wanted you.

 not mine:/
That moment when....
You thinks hes looking at you..
but then you look and hes actually

Looking above you.
Are you seriously only gonna go out with a girl who will do stuff with you?I wish you weren't like that or I would of liked you alout more than I ALREADY DO. 
AY You got something on your butt!

what ?!!?!?

MY EYES...(;
I hate it when I say to people
your look so pretty! and they say
NO I DON'T! I'm so ugly!
Like I just gave you a compliment,
take it.

If you want
to be loved,
you have to
be lovable<3

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