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Hey, I'm Ali. I usually only come on to witty to look at quotes, but I'm going to start posting sometimes like I used to. I've realized that I have a lot that I need to let out! Take a second to fave a few quotes of mine.


Quotes by alilayneheart

Don't you just love when you look at a person you used to be best friends with, and realize that you don't even know them anymore? Yeah, me too.
You can't go back, it's all in the past. Guess you gotta laugh at it.
i hate when
people say "Look who woke up
on the wrong side of the bed!"
No, actually I didn't.
You just ticked me off.
Now you're just somebody
that I used to know....

Dreaming of a world where
guys pay attention to girls who are genuine.

Not just the girls whose boobs hang out of their shirt.

Yeah, like that will ever happen....
My secret dream in life is to become an actress.
But, I know that will never ever happen...
Look into my eyes
and i'll own you.

If I leave my heart with you tonight,
will you promise me
that you're gonna treat it right?


Tell me more,
Tell me more;
was it love at first sight?



Am I the only one...
  That is finding it IMPOSSIBLE to wait TWO weeks
for Rachel's response on Glee?!?
It's killing me, I'm so impatient!