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 here is a little about uss [:

   emilyy : hey im emily :D , im crazy and i love having fun! i love being with my friends and just having a great timee . i have blonde hair and greenish eyes .i am 12 years old tunring 13 in august [: dont forgett . i like spending time at the beachh and going on trips . i am in love with witty and myspacee :P i have a boyfriend<333 one of my bestfriends is ali :* , and we share a witty . we have alot of friends on here so i think you should check em out cause they have greatt quotes , but dont forget to check out ours too [: , mmkay well i hope you like them and comment uss and favorite themm <3 



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   ali: hellloo im ali (: i really love making quotes & most of them actually relate to emily and i. So check us outt. I am 13 years old, turning 14 in october, and i have brown {aka. poop colored} eyes, and brown hair to match :D this has been a fun filled summer and what i mostly love is being with friends all day long. One of my best friends is emillyy <3 but we also have some good friends on here VV so look at there quotes too, and be nice because they will return the favor [: Thanks for checking out our profile, comment and favorite please, we will do the same for you.

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Quotes by alilyx3

& h e s a i d
" you might fall though, but don't worry i'll catch you ;)

& sometimesno matter what you dohow_hard_you_try ,

you'll never be gooenough*

credit to thatgirlonwitty

Cause i was born.
to tell you I love you
and I am t.o.r.n. to do what I have to,
to make you mine, stay with me tonight.
fell omy bed begatcry
because you* have confessed to me,
that you don't think we are the best match
& even though i fought hard for you
your probably going to b r e a k
my heart
i love you baby. i guess you just don't {love} me back
(i just liked this fade)
i think thatgirlonwitty gave it to me (:

Your friends will always be first,

I'm barely breathing
With a b.r.o.k.e.n heart that's still beating
In the (
pain) there is healing
In your name I find meaning 
                                                                                               J_U_S_ T_C_A_ R_R_ Y_ O_N_<3
cause everythinyou
do and words you say ; 
you know that it all
takes my breath away <3