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Quotes by alisonDB21

i like to say 'excuse me' when i'm like 7 ft away from someone just to 
let them know in advance to get the hell out of my way


All the world is made of faith, trust, and pizza crust.


I put the ate in chocolate

Me: What happens to nitrogen when the sun rises?
My friend: What?
Me: It becomes daytrogen.
Her: I'm going to bed.
Me: Good nitrogen.
Me: Sleep tightrogen.
Me: Don't let the bed bugs bitrogen.

Cereal for breakfast. Cereal for lunch.
Sort of fitting since I'm still in my pajamas.

I get to go to Chicago!!

Does anyone else get a really
dirty image in their head
when seeing someone use
a shakeweight?






sometimes, when i'm eating,
and my dogs run over to me
and start begging for food

i like to just stare them straight
in their eyes until i'm done eating.