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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
Hii, I'm Mary. I'm fourteen years old and a freshman in high school! 
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Remember, you're beautiful, every single one of you. 
Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
Taylor Swift is my inspiration, I live for her music.
Yes, I am a One Direction fan, & no I am not going to hate on anyone for not agreeing.
I love dancing, swimming, skiing, pretty much anything outdoors, and spending time with my friends
I have some of the best friends in the world.
I also love each and every one of my followers. <3

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Remember Witty when
you had to get 1000 faves
To get a top quote?


BravoSierra's format (=

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I've got five fingers,
And the middle one's



The best person 
To talk about the problems in your relationship
Is the person
You're in a relationship with.


but time is like the ocean, 
u     c a n     o n l y    h o l d     a    l i t t l e    b i t     i  n    y o u r    h a n d s .

Me at the beginning of the summer: Now that's it's summer, I'm going to start losing weight!
Me now: Now that school's starting, I'm going to start losing wieght!


People: When I'm bored nobody texts me, but when I'm busy I'm the most popular person on the planet!
Sometimes my mom texts me ...


I don't want to feel afraid,

 I want to wake up feeling beautiful today

---------- AND KNOW THAT I'M OKAY ----------

'Cause everyone's perfect in unusual ways


BravoSierra's format (=

[ Thingwe'vall don#9 ]

written an earlier date on a piece of homework so it wouldn't look like you did it last minute

should I continue?


BravoSierra's format (=

[ Thingwe'vall don#8 ]

watched yourself on the little video monitor as you walked into a store

should I continue?


BravoSierra's format (=

[ Thingwe'vall don#7 ]

pushed on a door that said "pull"

should I continue?