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When i walk out the shop, this is what i see.
Katniss Everdeen is a-looking at me

I got a loaf in my hand and i aint afraid to THROW IT THROW I
THROW IT......................

Im Peeta and i know it.

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I want to fall and never land

Let us die ypung or let us live forever,

we don't have the power but we never say never,



Shot me out of the sky,

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Only Girl on the Team

Chapter 2

Bug lead me over to the group of guys sitting around the base. Thye were all looking at me so i kept my eyes at the ground.
"Guys, listen up. This is Bianca.I hope your all grown up enough to respect the fact she's a girl and if any of you give her grief, i will come after you. We clear?' This made me fight a smile
They all murmured yes's. STill staring.
"OKay, good.Go for a run around diamond 5, stretch up there and come back." They all got up.
"Eddie, stay here. Show Bianca where to put her bag. You can do a smaller run to diamond 3.  Look after her."
One of the boys turned around and walked over to me. He was tall and tanned and i could see a few abs through his t shirt. He had brown hair that was in a side fringed type thing. I'd say he was hot.
"Eddie" He held out his hand and smiled at me
"Bianca" I said and shook his hand.
Bug had gone over to a shed and started gettting out tee's.
"SO baseball huh?" He asked as we started walking. I nodded
"Yeah. I get bored during the softball off season." Eddie chuckled
"Fair enough. How long have you been playing softball?"
"uhm, about..6 years. I started when i was 8. you?"
"7 years. your...15?" He guessed
I shook my head
"oh. right. Your the youngest then." He grinned at me. i avoided looking at hi eyes.
"how old are you?" I asked
"oh.." My face went red. Mum said they were all my age!.
We walked up to the clubroom and he opened the door for me like a gentleman. He clapped hios hands together.
"So, this is the clubroom. The locker rooms are in there-" He pointed to a small corridor-" Girls are on the left. You can just come in here any time, they don't really lock it anyway." He paused for a bit, trying to say something."we usually shower after training, but the showers in teh girls are broken so you may have to wait a while if you want one." He said, kinda awkwardly
"Oh no, i won't shower here."
"Okay.." Things went awkward then.
"Okay, anyway, so you can put you bag in there. You just need your glove. We use the bats and helmets from the storage shed in training." I nodded
"Thanks" I said and quickly walked to the olcoker room. I dropped the bag. You coukd tell it was barely used, the place was clean. For a locker room. I grabbed my glove from my bag. I was actuallly surprised at how nice Eddie was. I thought they would be like the boys at school. Obviously one year makes a difference. I walked back out with my glove and we went back outside.

 Only Girl On The Team

Chapter 2

The Coach had told me his nickname was Bug and thats what everyone called him. We walked over to the group of guys. The whole walk i looked at the ground because they were all staring. ALL of them. We stopped just next to them.
"Guys, this is Bianca. Be nice, shes new." I smiled slightly at them as they muttered 'hellos'.


Only Girl On The Team

Chapter 1

I took 20 minutes just doing my hair for training. What was that? I fiddled with my fringe in the mirror. Why was i so nervous? It would be just the same as my old teeam, just....boys instead.
"Bianaca! Hurry up or we will be late!" My mum called
"C-Coming!" I stuttered out. I checked my eyeliner and mascara quickly and left. I ran dowstairs and picked up my rawlings softbal l bag and went out to the car. Mum was waiting inside it for me.
"Now, just rememebered" Mum started. This would be teh teenage boy lecture. The whole 'Don't let them distract you from playing' thing. I zoned out and looked out the window the whole trip. I could see teh Baseball diamonds in the distance. Why was i even doing this? Oh right, because the area is to sexist to make a girls baseball club. I played softball but i need something to do in the winter season. So i joined a baseball team. It will be the smae, i kept thinking. We turned into the car park and i looked out at teh baseball diamonds. There was 11 at this club. I saw people training and people jogging around the feilds.
"Want me to walk donw with you?" Mum asked
"Yes" I replied automatically.
Mum knew the coach so it would be easier for me to find the team. We got out of the car and walked down the hill to the diamonds. Mum looked around for a second until she saw them and we walked over. There was a big group of guys sitting  around 3rd base. I looked at them quickly  then looked away. I wanted to go home again. Like right now. The coach saw us at ran over to us.
"Bug!" Mum said. I guessed that was a nickname.
"wow Maria, it's been so long. This is Bianca?" He asked looking at me
I nodded
"Yeah" I said
"Well welcome. We have a full team now.Ever played before?"
"She plays softball" Mum cut in"But she wanted a sport to play during winter". I nodded.
"Well you should know all the rules then." I nodded again. I was fiddling with my hands. I glanced at the group and saw them all staring and whispering. I felt my cheeks go red.
"I have to get home and pick up your brother, i'll see you later" Mum said
"bye mum" I said. She walked back up to the car.
This would be fun.