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Real texting convo I had:

Me: so who do u like?
Him: I can't tell u cuz it might ruin some sort of friendship kinda
Me: Why can't u tell me?? u always tell me who u like and i never tell anyone!
Him: I just can't okay... can we talk about something else?
Me: okay :)

*the next day*

Him: hey, so do u know why i can't tell u who i like?
Me: NO!! why can't u just tell me
Him: cuz then that girl would think of me as more than a bff and even tho i like her i just wanna be friends with her
Me: okay, can't you just tell me
Him: see, that's the problem!! i can't tell u!!!
Him: it's you!!!!!!! I LIKE YOU!! jeez it took u this long to figure it out!
Me: oh :)
Freddie: so I heard you like badboys.
Carly: yeah
Freddie: well i don't mean to brag but do you want to see a scar?
Carly: sure
Freddie: *lifts his sleeve up*
Carly: your chickenpox needle doesn't count
Freddie: this is from an actual chickenpox... the doctor told me not to scratch it, and I scratched it!
Carly: OMG!!

-iCarly <3

And who else does a little dance when they figure out how to do something new on their cell phone?

Your welcome :)

Louis: oh for God's sake Niall!!
Harry: for the benefit of the radio, Niall's just dropped his tea.

Be like a balloon...
and defy gravity.
Whenever I see a limo I always wonder if there is a famous person inside...
Me when I like guy: "I can't wait to get to school!! I'll get up 20 minutes earlier so i can curl  my hair and look extra pretty for him"

Me when I don't like a guy: *hits snooze button and rolls out of bed just before the bus gets to my house*
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