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Quotes by alligator98

Is it just me or do the librarians at your school take their jobs waaaay too seriously?

My brother worte a love poem for a girl in his class. He's only 9 years old. <3

I wonder how long it takes a girrafe to throw up...

That GOD AWFUL picture of you
that your parents put in the paper for your 13th birthday

that surprising moment when you forget you ordered iced tea, not coke.

that awkward moment when you are watching a movie with your parents and the makeout scene comes on and you just sit there like O.o

who else eats whipped cream out of the can?

Dear people who say they are a ninja

because they catch something they

dropped before it hits the ground,



Other ninjas

everyone owns a movie, that they have never watched all the way through .

favourute it you still have to push down the buttons on the top of a Macdonalds cup.

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