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Quotes by allmine

every great person,
has some haters.
So thank you for making me a great person.


Be confident,
just because you make mistakes,
doesn't mean you are one.


I hope that when I see
him tonight,

 He'll stop and »stare« 


And i sure hope that when he's with his friends and they say,
"She's not even hot.."
He says,«
"Well no... 
She's beautiful\\\\\\

& Don't we all, 

pour water into the water bottle caps because its just so much more fun that way?


& Don't we all, 

skip songs on our iPod because we don't wanna think bout the memories behind them?


W h e n  s m e o n e  d i s ,
 Don't cry over the loss,
the fact that they lived.

I wish that
locker breaks in school,
were as long as 

the ones on tv shows.

I  k new  it

 The whole time I knew that he still loved her but I wanted to believe differently.

Remember when;;
having the coolest room on Webkinz World was the biggest worry we had?