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Party like it's your birthday!
Damn, it's a school night
p.s.-it's actually my birthday today <3
Was that a random, casual glance?

or was that a longing, love stricken stare?

I can't see. 
I'm blinded.

I fall straight down.
I lay there for a while.
Trying to make a sound. 
But I do not whimper.
Only pathetic tears fall.
But here you are,

you heard my call.

Cool story bro.
DON'T tell it again..

 young love: is fake
 and all who believe it will last forever... is welcomed to live in their love bubble forever and ever but be warned; their*- safuntouchable-** bubble will pop and then they will realize that their whole perspective of love: is fake.

Month 1: make eye contact with him
Month 2: Ask him for the homework
Month 3: Drop pencil and ask him if he can get it
Month 4: Say hi in class
Month 5: randomly make-out with him.

What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

-smells like carrots :)


Every year I forget how good it feels to be so close to summer, and probably next year, I’m going to forget about it again, but then next summer will come and I’ll just feel bliss...

My finals are tomorrow, and all I can think about is this one guy…