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Hey friends it's Ally :) Im a sophmore in High School. Im 15 :) facebook.tumblr.twitter.witty. thats my shit<. i love music. i rely on it. i party hard. i play 3 sports. Volleyball Basketball and Softball. WOO so fun. I'm takin by my babe Richardson. <3. I'm ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS looking for new friends on here. So just ask me :) hehe, i have a blackberry so if your down to bbm. just ask me for my pin :) well thats about it thanks for reading this :) deuces.

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I wish i could date my best guy friend

he gets me


  cats say : "meow"
dogs say : "woof"
cows say : "mooo"
rick ross says : "UH"


you only live once:


toot it
& boot it

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L O V I N G   Y O U
c o u l d   b e  

t h e   c r i m e
- jason derulo

i need someone different 
You know it, you know, you know it, we both know it



                                                         love you guys <3 wouldnt be here without you guys <3