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Quotes by almostdeadpoetry

Trees and Leaves by Me

I think the problem was that I thought I didn't care.

That in roaring drunkenness I set flame to thoughts.

I told the world I didn't want to be restrained anymore,

And I thought you had laced me in chains of eternity.

But it wasn't you, I had forsaken myself to forever.

Because when I unbound myself you became wild.

Straddling the autumn wind like little withered leaves.

And I, I was a tree deeply rooted to soiled memories.

I can’t change my stubbornness as it is planted,

unless I shaped the earth around me-in all its pieces.

I think the molding is enough to change the world.

Because they never thought a tree could move.

And in this stubbornness you will finally see,

I wished to love the lively leaves surrounding me.

You, wished to cling to anything that would nurture.

You wanted protection and compassion from

But I, demanded a love unconditional-as it laid in another.

So I must find new leaves in the air to mother.

I never wanted to watch you shrivel up in loneliness.

But I couldn't bear seeing a purpose if there was no forever.

Because you just want something to cling on and share no eternities-

I did what I had to and set myself free.

You wanted roots and limbs to prosper and give you life.

While I was in search of leaves to bond in lifetimes.

And damn may I admit the truth to you darling?

I was hoping you had felt the same.

Thoughts by Me

I'll never tell you my secrets.
Like how you make me f***ing scared.
I was finally at a place in my life where I could say I was happy.
But once again you began reminiscing about the taste of satisfaction.
How you had physically torn me apart, limb by limb.
How you had charred every layer of feeling and created dishes-appetizers, entrees, desserts- and served them to my closest friends.
Because nothing is more entertaining then watching someone become devoured whole.
And I was too enveloped in a false sense of guilt created from your selfish need.
I believe the words you had said were, "It's her, or me."
And if my memory serves me correctly, I believe I heard you laughing.
You'll never be satisfied enough, but that wasn't the question.
How many times can you spit me back up and swallow me hole again,
Before there's nothing left?

Adhering a Broken Heart

I have this habit

To fall in admiration
With the damaged
Those who struggle
Crawling through darkness
Only to find that
Their fondest memories
Abandoned them
Too blind to see
Love being built before them
Love I have for them
An electrifying type of love
The kind that could strike
Leaving them more hurt than
The past that clouded them
Yet they haven't observed
The contrary effect
One providing them with light
To help them remember
All the beautiful moments
That lay within the eerie
This recurrence reminds me
That the most beautiful people
Have secluded themselves
In unexpected places
And those hidden beauties 
Should be displayed
Your hidden beauty
Should be displayed
With the love i have for you
Accenptance is the key by Me 
The air is growing thick at the seams.

Imaginary grins and laughs dance free,
and in the bleakness they hang loosely.

They: so dependent on my existence,
like stars relying heavy on the night.

Only through darkness and fright
can they be seen illuminating skies.

So note the underlying parallel with I.

My soul intertwining with the dark,
my memories combining with sparks.

Some brightening with their aging,
some sucking joy into the unknown.

Those who brace each part with fear,
only observe the corruptiion that grows.

Those who brace each part with beauty,
know that everything has vastness.

Like the blackness I backpack gloom,
but without it you can't see the joy.

You can't appreciate the dazzling,
the stars and galaxies burning steady,
on an otherwise dank dreary evening.

Night does not cower behind the light,
it merely showcases the mysterious.

Without darkness you wouldn't grasp
the striking stars floating in my sky.

That is what sets us from the blind:
not what you see, but what you see.
Life on a bookshelf-Me

Her shelves are outdated.
Blanketed with dust.
Books scattered, each unique.
Telling stories of her life.
Her shelves are engraved.
With minuscule details.
Curves and patterns dancing.
Her shelves are lonely.
They cry to be loved and used.
But she herself fears the worst.
Her shelves are depressed.
But the stories on them,
aren't meant for eyes to glance. 
Her shelves are restricted.
She witnessed ruin brought on them.
Novels worn and pages tattered.
Her shelves are patient.
Knowing a book never read. 
Is merely a truth untold.
Her shelves are her life.
It's stories tell of insane adventure.
Dazzling rays beaming on warm sand.
And nightmares buried in her depths.
Her shelves are aware.
She is a library waiting to be explored.
Our Brothers and the Stars- Me

I ponder at times
As I ogle each and every
Starry starry night
The sight of beautiful craters that
Proudly pose on each and every
Starry starry night
The craters flaunting on the snow blankets
We call the full moon
Some nights I will howl for danger
Of my own impending destruction
Like our brother wolves
Crying out for some reassurance
That all is okay
Like our brothers we are dependent
Despite our showings of great courage
Fear lurks in us all
It's intriguing how we focus on
Our differences
When we have substantial parallels
Proof we're akin each and every 
Starry starry night
Joined by the moon each and every
Starry starry night

A Shattered Paradise-Me

I want to explore
In search of a shore
Whose body of land
Might be yours
And I want you
To keep me afloat
In the depths of sea
The surround you
And drown me
Let me explore
Let me build a home
Deep in your chest
To keep dry and warm
And in return I
Shall protect you
From raging storms
That pose a threat
Wrapping my arms
So my fingertips
Curl ‘round your hips
And I promise you
I’ll never let go
Unlike those who
Left destroyed homes in
The heart of your chest
I will do my best
To never get caught
In a leading drift
That draws toward
The blackened
Menacing sea
For you are
The greatest thing
That happened to me
I want to explore
Let me explore
And you the shore
Will never have to
Face those harsh storms
On your own