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the blue note UNDEROATH someone will seek forgiveness say this sooner THE ALMOST down,set,go M name is caroline and i am in 7th grade

Quotes by alpcalovingganster

teacher: " Ok, time for math!"

studten: " Ohh, ya nap time!"
after being blown up by firerworks i can see y they are elgal in some states
don't you wish there was an island where all your brothers and sisters went and bit off there head over there instead off doing it to you here. only in my dreams * sigh *
don't you hate the away messages that don't tell you where people are. that just gets me so mad
live it love it shoot it

no i don't hate you don't want to fight you, you know i'll always love you but right now i just don't like you cause you took this tok far!
it's a bird it's a plan - plop, nope, it's a bird
next time i will make sure too laugh
you know what makes no sences what so ever when people say i have never felt so alive.

well if you haven't then you must have been dead for awhile i mean really

how can you feel alive. you can't feel alive you are alive from the day your born duh

the way she moves the way she looks at me makes me want to fall to the ground and never get up. she was the one i was looking for now that isee her i not sure i can face it long time no see. confused as i might be with her beutiy i walk up to her, i look at her she looks at me =. i am speachless. finally i say " do you remember me?" she look puzzled then a brust of light comes out of her i catch her in my arms i feel her puls and nothings is there. it was like an empty shell of a little chick. and i felt like the mother weping over her lttle empty shell. all then and there she jumpped up like a kageroo then looking like a worrior she look at me and said what i was waiting for my whole life," of i remember you i can't ever forget the love of my life."

then with that it was a kiss thta was never to be forgoten. her love rushed through me like a ragging river. befroe i knew it i was kissing air. holding our baby in my arms i walked away with the remebrence and that beautiful angel.

i have fallen for you and can't get up<3