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Quotes by tweedle dee*

Sometimes, I tell myself I'm okay,
Especially when I'm not
I'm okay,
I'm okay,
Because at the end of the day,
I'm afraid if I stop telling myself I'm okay for a single moment,
I will slip into the empty pit filled with reasons that I'm not
It's too bad that doing the wrong thing for the right reasons and good intentions doesn't help
The best thing in life is not sought out, but earnt

I've been through heartbreaks before, so why does this one hurt so much...

I constantly make sacrifices for the world, constantly burden myself with the world's problems, and it never ends
Just be honest with me, at least this way I can learn to forgive you...
It's hard to wait for something that may never happen
But' it's even harder giving it all up when you know it's everything you want
Sometimes even when I win, I still feel like I'm losing
And now I'm covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams
Halsey - Colors
The devil didn't have to create hell beneath, God already did it when he let the devil walk among us