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one direction;

We've all seen the quotes about One Direction recently, and how they're overtaking witty. I personally love one direction, but I'm not posting 439209834923 quotes about them everyday. I'm a directioner for pete's sake, but I'm sick of them. First of all, 99% of them are fake. Yes, I said it. Zayn never went on and on about how Niall's a fragile boy. Niall doesn't make all these cute remarks about how he loves with his heart and not his eyes. Yeah, I'm sure they're all sweet boys and whatever, but making up fake quotes makes you look pathetic. I understand that more than half of you probably don't care about One Direction at all, but are hate quotes really necessary? I'm not talking about the people expressing their opinions about One Direction & that they think their music isn't good, they aren't that attractive, they aren't talented, they don't deserve their fame, or whatever. I'm talking about the people saying Harry should get cancer, Liam should die in a hole, Niall should commit suicide, etc. I don't give a flying flamingo at this point that they're famous--you don't say stuff like that to people. They're celebrities, but believe it or not, they still have feelings. I'm trying as hard as I can not to be biased, because I personally am a fan of theirs, but I can definitely understand where people saying the quotes are getting annoying are coming from. Like I said before, most of the quotes are fake anyways. And they're taking over the top quotes, usually with quotes that have already been on the top quotes before. I'm not saying we should have a "non-one direction quote day," or anything as ridiculous as that, but just think about how you would feel if a band you weren't particularly fond of's "quotes" were taking over your favorite website. I'm not saying to stop making One Direction quotes, just to be considerate with the amount you post. Not everyone likes them. And the next point I make is to the haters. I don't mean the haters of One Direction. Actually, these haters are Directioners. But you guys are extreme. Just because people don't like One Direction doesn't mean they should go die in a hole, commit suicide, get off of witty, be ashamed of their existence, etc. Some of you need to learn to be mature & accept that not everyone will agree with your opinion 100% of the time. 

Top  Ten   Prettiest   Girls;

1. There's

2. No

3. Such

4. Thing

5. As

6. Top

7. Ten;

8. You're

9. All

10. Beautiful♥

In westmeath Mullingar,

born and raised.

Nandos is where I spent

most of my days.

Chillin' out, being a

belieber all cool, just

dancing like a leprechaun

outside of school. When a  

couple of guys, Lou, Liam,

Haz, and Zayn sang along

with me and it got insane.

Made one little boyband &

Jimmy was protestin' NO!

Niall & The Potatoes, not

One Directio

fresh prince of mullingar rap♥ not mine(:

American Songs: "mmm lets drink and party and smoke weed all night loooooong."
British Songs: "you don't know you're beautiful"


When you truly care

for someone, their

mistakes never change

your feelings, because it's

the mind that gets angry, 

but the heart still cares.

- The Vow,♥

How do you look at the girl you love,
and          //           tell      //     yourself     //     it's    //      time    //         to    //      walk        //        away?

-The Vow

Your past can't be changed,
so instead of lying about it, 


accept it and move on.

Because if we stand for nothing,
we'll                         fall                                 for                     anything. ♥

&&Next Time,
I'll be my own savior. ♥

The world is watching you.

Every xx day, xx the xx choices xx you xx make.

  Say what you are,

and who your heart beats for