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I’m a huge freak. I watch boy meets world, listen to stoner music (No I’m not a stoner [;)

And write weird poetry. I might post some of my work on witty, so  you should deff favorite it [:

Basically I play N64 like a huge loser, and I’m obsessed with pokemon. I’m a girl! Shocking,

Right? I know I know. But don’t worry. I’m lovable. And you will love me…I bet on it [;


Quotes by alternativeair95

x..The Awkward Moment When..x
[You tell an inside joke and no one]
[around you was there for it]

                                                                             (v.) to unbutton, to unbuckle            
One day, a girl was sitting on a bench next to an old man, and she said,
"I've gotta tell ya', mister, that's an awfully boring tattoo on your arm there. It's just a bunch of numbers."
And the man looks at her, and says,
"Well, I got it when I was your age, and I kept it as a reminder."
The girl smiles, saying,
"Oh, a reminder of happier times?"
And the man shakes his head sadly, and says,
"No...of a time when the world went mad. Imagine yourself in a land where your countrymen followed the voice of political extremists who didn't like your religion. Imagine having everything taken from you, and being sent to a camp as slave laborers, then systematically murdered. In this place, they even take your name and replace it with a number tattooed on your arm. It was called the Holocaust, when millions of people perished just because of their faith..."
The girl, stunned, start to cry. She asks,
"So you kept it to remind yourself of the dangers of political extremism?"
The man shakes his head again.
"No, my dear. To remind you."


When you realize you aren’t a purple hippopotamus who can

 juggle seven bricks AND braid cement with his bare toes.


I hate when I'm really comfortable
and I have to pee like a friggen racehorse


You say it hurts to be led on…
But you have no idea how much it hurts
I don’t know how to love, I’ve never been loved
And I hurt you-

Which makes me hurt more than you can imagine
I’m so sorry


A shield of gloss has replaced my face,
A rusty smell is embedded in my skin,

And misery is blinded by teeth,
A once steady hand slays forgotten memories,
Regret is swirling in gray steam above the trees,

My nose is tickled by the monster's claws,
My veins are tangled and braided by an exercised grip,
Sanity runs in fear, disguised as a small girl,

But I like it,
It is wrapped in golden armor like a gift,
But this gift doesn't have a bow,

Is she hiding?

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          [Got a broken heart]
                    &&your name on my cast

&& I crawl in my closet to hide when I cry.

but I wish someone would come in.